Headed by Mayor Ron Huldai and operating out of offices in Israel, the USA, Canada, the UK and Germany, the Tel Aviv-Yafo Foundation is the international fund-raising arm of the City of Tel Aviv-Yafo. Since its inception in 1977, the Foundation has established over 500 projects that have vastly improved the quality of life in Tel Aviv-Yafo with significant development of the City’s educational, social-welfare, cultural and environmental sectors.

Unlike comparable organizations, the Tel Aviv-Yafo Foundation has no endowment. All funds raised are designated for specific projects and augmented by the City’s unique matching funds program.  This 50-50 partnership has ensured accountability, promoted cooperation between donor and recipient and strengthened the bond between Israel and the Diaspora.

In recent years, the Tel Aviv-Yafo Foundation has focused much of its efforts on educational reform by building pre-kindergartens, transforming obsolete libraries into state-of-the-art resource centers and renovating science laboratories in elementary schools.   The Foundation’s ongoing support for Hemda, Tel Aviv’s unique science education center has made it possible for gifted high school students to study physics, chemistry and computational science at an advanced level, ensuring that the next generation of Israelis will remain in the vanguard of scientific discovery and hi-tech innovation. 

The Foundation’s community projects have also had an impact on the fabric of Israeli society. Holocaust survivors can take advantage of programming at Café Europa sponsored by the Foundation. New immigrants can benefit from a range of absorption services the Foundation offers in conjunction with schools and other community venues. Also of significance are the new educational facilities the Foundation is erecting for the City’s growing foreign and refugee population. These include the Unitaf daycare centers and Bialk Rogozin- the school which is home to children from 48 countries and the subject of the 2011 Academy award-winning film Strangers No More.

If Tel Aviv looks greener in recent years, it is due to the Foundation’s efforts in creating parks and playgrounds throughout the city and in turning Jaffa’s once neglected coast line into a magnificent seaside promenade.  If it feels more exciting, it is due to the improvements the Foundation is making together with the City on such important cultural institutions as the Tel Aviv Cinematheque.

Tel Aviv is the epicenter of Israel’s economy, the country’s main service provider and an internationally- renowned tourist destination.  Please join us on our mission to turn it into a world city that is compassionate towards its needy and a source of pride to all.

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